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Emerging Markets in 2009

Another Look at Emerging Markets By the editors of Without Borders, Casey Research After passing much of 2008 standing thankfully on the sidelines, we believe that with current valuations, opportunities have returned for putting capital back … [Read more...]

Can You Put Gold into Your IRA? Should You?

By the editors of BIG GOLD, Casey Research Within the last year, 401(k)s and IRAs have ceased to be a safe haven for Americans’ nest eggs. In 2008, employees lost on average 14%, or about $10,000, of their retirement money. Those with more than … [Read more...]

Doug Casey on 2009: Another Year of Shock and Awe

In their annual forecast edition, the editors of BIG GOLD asked Casey Research Chairman and contrarian investor Doug Casey to provide his predictions and thoughts on issues everyone’s thinking about these days. Read what he has to say on the … [Read more...]