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The Bounce is Aging, but the Depression is Young

By Bob Prechter The following is an excerpt from Robert Prechter's Elliott Wave Theorist. On February 23, EWT called for the S&P to bottom in the 600s and then begin a sharp rally, the biggest since the 2007 high. The S&P bottomed at … [Read more...]

Cap and Trade- Just a Hidden Tax?

Tim McMahon, Editor -- Cap and Trade is the latest in the War on "Global Warming" but for all the hoopla what is really behind it all?  Follow the money trail... The Carbon Cap: The Newest Form of Taxation By Doug Hornig, Editor, Casey … [Read more...]

20 Year Bear Market?

Tim McMahon, Editor -- Here at Financial Trend Forecaster as our name implies we are very interested in identifying and preparing for long term trends.  Obviously, the earlier you can identify a trend and get aboard the more likely you are to … [Read more...]