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Stock Market Similarities between 1974 and 2009

Back in April of 2006 I wrote an article entitled Inflation similarities between the 2000s and the 1970s and detailed the many similarities between the two decades. Now two and a half years later, Rick Pendergraft is seeing the same correlation … [Read more...]

If You Think the Past Decade Was Bad For Stocks…Wait Till You See This

"The major stock indexes are the wrong place to look" By Robert Folsom A well-known business magazine recently published a story with this headline: Stocks: The "Loss" Decade A disastrous ten years for the stock market ends in just a month. … [Read more...]

Is Prechter of Elliottwave a “PermaBear”?

By Tim McMahon, Editor I recently was talking to a fellow investor at a conference and I mentioned that we carried quite a few articles from Elliott Wave International on this site.  The gentleman I was speaking with commented that he had the … [Read more...]

Canadian Gold Juniors Soar – Should You Buy Now?

By Jeff Clark, Editor for Casey Research For years, gold bugs like Doug Casey and his team have been saying that once gold takes off to stratospheric heights, it will take the gold mining stocks with it. It’s called the “Mania phase” of the … [Read more...]

Taxes and More Government Oppression

How the Government Tries to Fleece You and What You Can Do About It By David Galland, Managing Director, Casey Research After a relaxing Thanksgiving break, I anticipated to return to work in a lighter frame of mind. However, the following item … [Read more...]