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Cash on the Sidelines Myth

Myth -- Cash On The Sidelines Is Bullish For Stocks March 15, 2010 by Susan Walker "Cash on the sidelines is bullish for stocks." Have you ever heard some stock market pundit utter these words? Have you ever wondered if the statement were … [Read more...]

How Elliott Wave Principle Can Improve Your Trading

The Wave Principle identifies trend, countertrend, maturity of a trend -- and more. by Editorial Staff The following article is an excerpt from Elliott Wave International's Trader's Classroom Collection. Every trader, every analyst and every … [Read more...]

At $1000 is Gold Expensive?

With Gold over $1000 and at all time nominal high prices many are wondering if Gold is overpriced. If we look at the inflation adjusted price of Gold we see that even at $1000 it is still only about half-way to its all time highs. For more … [Read more...]