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What Should You Know About Forex Investing

Forex investing has several differences from the more common Stock market. The Stock market is based on the selling of stocks in companies, where as the Forex market is based on the pairings of foreign currencies. The Stock market often requires a … [Read more...]

World’s Biggest Gold Coin Sold

(Reuters Life!) - A Spanish precious metals trading company bought the world's largest gold coin for 3.27 million euros ($4.02 million), its exact material worth, from the estate of an insolvent investment firm at a rare auction in Vienna on … [Read more...]

DJIA’s 200-Day Moving Average: Will the Dow stay above or below this demarcation line?

By Elliott Wave International Moving averages are one of the most widely followed indicator in technical analysis. Simply put, when the price of an index or stock stays above a particular price moving average line on a chart, that price level … [Read more...]

Big Bear Markets: More Than Falling Stock Prices

A look at history shows that when markets go haywire people do some strange things to try to cope.  The mass psychology of an entire country is intricately connected with the state of the markets. We saw a small sample of this in the panic that … [Read more...]

‘Defensive’ Stocks: Are They the Ticket in a Downturn?

In a severe sell-off, 99 percent of ALL stocks can fall. By Elliott Wave International Approximately three out of four stocks go down in a bear market. This ratio doesn't just apply to high beta names; historically, 75 percent of all stocks go down … [Read more...]