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Has the price of gold reached its zenith?

Today we are going to be looking at gold and analyze the recent run-up that has created a great deal of excitement and fear for many investors and traders. We're also going to be looking at some upside measurements that we have for this market. … [Read more...]

How High Will Gold Go This Fall?

By Jeff Clark, Senior Editor, Casey's Gold & Resource Report The gold price has been hitting ever-new records over the past couple weeks, now closing in on the $1,300 mark. Some gold followers are saying this is extremely bullish for the … [Read more...]

Let the carnival begin!

Today's new video is on the iShares Brazil ETF. The market is shaping up nicely and just broke thorough resistance to the upside and is continuing up today. Here is a market that we like a lot more than the US market. We really like the way its … [Read more...]

Alaska’s New Gold Rush

Alaska is one of my favorite places on Earth so I am happy to bring you this article from Louis James. I've been to alaska twice once in the winter and once in the summer. And both were amazing experiences.  The scenery is fantastic and on the most … [Read more...]

Gold might go up by an order of magnitude or more

As the world sinks deeper into what he calls the Greater Depression, Casey Research Chairman Doug Casey sees default on the U.S. national debt as inevitable—albeit probably in the guise of currency destruction. He anticipates further contraction in … [Read more...]

New Deflation eBook Available Now

New Deflation eBook Available Now: Our friends at Elliott Wave International have just released a complimentary 90-page ebook on deflation from Robert Prechter. As deflation fears are back in the news and most likely also on your mind, it's more … [Read more...]

You’ll Buy Gold Now and Like It!

By Jeff Clark, Casey's Gold & Resource ReportI get this question a lot: "Should I buy gold now, or wait for a pullback?" It’s a valid question. For nearly two years, gold hasn't had a serious decline. There have been pullbacks, of course, but … [Read more...]

Head and Shoulders Stock Market Pattern: Still Valid?

A Multi-Year Technical Analysis Pattern "Bears" Watching By Robert Jay   Earlier this year, EWI's Robert Prechter described a "head and shoulders" pattern in the Dow Jones Industrials, saying it started in 1998 and is still … [Read more...]

Just Your Average 300-Year Bear Market?

Long-Term Trend Forecasting is Actually Easier than Short-Term By Robert Jay Most people who analyze the present give too little thought to the past, even when previous decades or centuries offer acutely relevant information.   This is … [Read more...]

Diversification Doesn’t Work… Anymore

Investors have been told for years that diversification lowers risk. While that may be true in certain instances, it certainly isn't true in the current world equity market. Let me give you an example: Using five ETF's as a proxy for "BRICA" the … [Read more...]