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The Silver Sleuth

By Jeff Clark, Senior Editor, BIG GOLD We once had an ongoing series in BIG GOLD called, "1001 Reasons to Own Gold." The idea was that there were so many valid reasons to own the metal that I wanted to track and report on them. If you've been … [Read more...]

China: Gaga for Gaming

By Doug Hornig, Editor, Casey’s Extraordinary Technology Developing nations are playing technological leapfrog. In the developed world, when we think of technology, the roots of much of what we do today were born decades, or even a century, … [Read more...]

DJIA Priced in Gold: What It Means for the Long-Term Trend

One of the best ways to get a true view of where the market really is involves looking at it denominated in something else other than dollars. One of the most interesting tools (and least discussed in the financial media) is the DJIA priced in gold … [Read more...]

Investing in Extreme Markets Video

Wild swings are occurring with unprecidented regularity in various markets across the spectrum. One minute you have 98% bullish sentiment in one market and the next minute it is 92% bullish in an entirely different market, (often in the extreme … [Read more...]

The Fed and “Plunge Protection Team”: Are They Manipulating Stocks?

Rumors are, the U.S. government "is propping up the stock market."   By far, the most frequent question we've been asked recently is: "What is your take on the persistent internet chatter that the Federal Reserve is holding up the stock … [Read more...]

Casey Research Identifies Next Generation of Resource Leaders with Casey’s NexTen

Stowe, VT, October 12, 2010 – Casey Research, a leader in providing in-depth, independent analysis of high-growth investment opportunities, announced today Casey’s NextTen, the next generation of leaders in the natural resource … [Read more...]

October Curse vs. Objective Analysis: The Choice Is Yours

Over the weekend, I went shopping for Halloween decorations. In the store, one of the clerks was wearing a white T-shirt with a puff-paint rendering of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The line representing prices was the color of blood red, … [Read more...]

The Next Investment Disaster

By Susan C. Walker When money market funds, mutual funds and CDs yield next to nothing, the old itch to find higher yields kicks in. That may be why Bloomberg has had a field day reporting on the latest attempts to find higher yields. For example, … [Read more...]

Will Gold Get Scarce?

By Jeff Clark, BIG GOLD We've got it easy right now. Click or call, and you can quickly and conveniently own a gold coin or bar. But if global concerns cause another panic or the dollar breaks down, you could find yourself standing in a line at … [Read more...]

EWI’s Newest Service Picks ETFs: Interview with the Editor

EWI's Wayne Stough adds another Flash opportunity service to the line-up: ETFs Every trader or active investor at times wishes they could pick the brain of a pro that has "pulled the trigger" on real-money trades before. EWI Director of … [Read more...]