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What Could Trip Gold Up?

by David Galland, Managing Editor, The Casey Report Can you visualize a possible scenario that could put a sudden end to the secular rise now underway in gold and silver? In a recent conference call with the research team of The Casey Report, … [Read more...]

The New Yukon Gold Rush

The Yukon brings to mind the gold rush which began in August 1896, when Gold was discovered in Rabbit Creek, which was later renamed Bonanza Creek. News didn't reach reach New York until July 1897. Which was just after a series of financial … [Read more...]

When to Sell Gold

By Terry Coxon, Senior Editor, Casey Research By now you have plenty of reason to congratulate yourself for having boarded the gold bandwagon. The early tickets are the cheap ones, and you’ve already had quite a ride. The best of the ride, I … [Read more...]

More on the Case of Silver

By David Galland, Managing Director, Casey Research Last month gold broke into new record territory – reaching an all-time high of $1,387 on October 14. A new record in nominal terms, that is. To top the previous high in inflation-adjusted … [Read more...]

Trade The Trend in Gold, Dollar, S&P500

Today we have an analysis by Chris Vermeulen "The Gold and Oil Guy".  Chris has some rock solid tips on trading choppy markets like we are seeing now. Picking tops can be very difficult and costly so check out Chris' advice in the final paragraph. … [Read more...]

“Market Manipulation” Is Not Why Most Traders Lose

How often have you heard analysts refer to a down day on Wall Street as "traders taking profits"? Sounds great, but the sobering fact is that most traders -- in futures, commodities, or forex -- lose money. Any book on trading will list for you … [Read more...]