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Australian Floods Cause Drought in the Coal Market

By Marin Katusa, Casey’s Energy Report The most important metallurgical coal basin in the world is underwater. Open pits have become lakes, stockpiles are soaked, and rail lines are submerged and in places destroyed. Damage is estimated at $5 to … [Read more...]

Before You Shoot Your Next Arrow

By David Galland, Managing Director, Casey Research While I have read certain works on the life and ponderings of Buddha, I claim no deep knowledge of his philosophy. Note I didn’t use the word “religion,” because Buddha himself claimed no … [Read more...]

Benjamin Franklin and Compound Interest

by Tim McMahon It's the investor's dream... going back in time... investing a few thousand dollars and letting it compound over a long period of time and returning a multi-millionaire. If you invested a couple of thousand dollars in the 1780’s, … [Read more...]

Why Europe Should Pay Attention to Algeria

By Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Strategist, Casey Research Tunisia’s uprising has democracy watchers wondering if the instability will spill over into neighboring North African countries, but really that instability is already there. In the first … [Read more...]

State of Denial

By David Galland, Managing Director, Casey Research Does the price action of gold of late make you scratch your head, falling as it has from its recent high of $1,420 to $1,359 as I write? Hard not to make one wonder, considering the nature of so … [Read more...]

Geothermal Update: Growth Spurt Ahead

by Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Strategist, Casey Research The Canadian Geothermal Energy Association (CanGEA) is a pretty active group. It regularly hosts networking and news events for its members, who range from scientists to industry reps. One … [Read more...]

Apple and Goldman Crash- Panic Hits S&P?

Today the stock market bled out with a river of red candles. All of the recent gains vanished in one session. Strong selling volume sessions like this are typically a warning sign that distribution selling is starting to enter the … [Read more...]

Fear and Love Make Gold Strong

An interview with Frank Holmes, by Jeff Clark, BIG GOLD For the BIG GOLD annual gold forecast survey published in January, Jeff Clark surveyed seven gold experts and nine top economists and fund managers, along with Doug Casey himself, to provide … [Read more...]

Use Trendlines to Improve Trading

Trading the Line – 5 Ways You Can Use Trendlines to Improve Your Trading Decisions, by Senior Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy. In this free 14-page eBook, Elliott Wave International Senior Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy shows you the power of simple trendlines. … [Read more...]