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Government Eliminating Freedom Left and Right

This week two major court cases chipped away at our 4th amendment rights one by the Indiana courts and another by the U.S. Supreme court. Pretty soon they might as well just cross out the 4th amendment because it will be totally meaningless. In the … [Read more...]

Government Trend- Out of Control

By Tim McMahon, Editor It's not just the government's finances that are out of control it is the government itself. Just this week several examples of an out of control government have crossed my desk. 1) The first is a law passed by the … [Read more...]

The Gold-Silver Ratio –Another Look

by Andrey Dashkov, Casey International Speculator The gold-silver ratio (GSR) measures how many ounces of silver one can purchase for an ounce of gold, on a certain date. Reference to the ratio has a long history. One of the first mentions was … [Read more...]

How to Preserve Your Capital in a Depression

In this article Doug Casey presents the case that we are in the early stages of an inflationary depression, commodities are soaring and next will be retail prices. In an inflationary depression financial assets aren't worth the paper they are printed … [Read more...]

Is Gold in a Bubble?

In his May True Wealth newsletter, Steve Sjuggerud said, At the peak of an asset bubble, prices go "parabolic." In a bubble, the asset's chart goes from "humming along nicely" to "straight up." A good example is the NASDAQ back in 1999-2000. In … [Read more...]

A Word on the Silver Correction

By David Galland, Managing Director, Casey Research Today I’d like to share a couple of thoughts on the matter of the correction in commodities about which we have been so vocally warning, and which has now occurred. After having written in … [Read more...]

Gold Jewelry as Investment

When a Gold Necklace Isn't Jewelry By Jeff Clark, Editor, BIG GOLD When it comes to supply and demand, what you’ve been told about gold jewelry is wrong. That’s a strong statement, but I’ve got a firsthand account to back it up. Most industry … [Read more...]