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America’s Oil Supply: The Keystone for Survival

by Marin Katusa, Casey Energy Report A rancorous debate over TransCanada Corp.’s (T.TRP) proposed Keystone XL Pipeline has given rise to two uncomfortable prospects: If the US$7 billion project is not built, Alberta’s oil sands will become … [Read more...]

How Shale Gas Might Transform the Energy Markets

By Marin Katusa, Casey Energy Report In the midst of roller-coaster oil prices and a global reassessment of nuclear power, in early April a key development in the natural gas arena slipped by mostly unnoticed: a report from the U.S. Energy … [Read more...]

Germany- a Nuclear Power Trendsetter?

By Marin Katusa, Casey Energy Opportunities In a dramatic about-face, Chancellor Angela Merkel announced last Monday that Germany will phase out nuclear power completely by 2022, shutting down its nine operational reactors and never restarting the … [Read more...]

It’s Time to Invest in Coal

By Marin Katusa, Casey Research Energy Team Coal prices are surging ahead even as most other commodities pull back, spurred on by expectations that metallurgical and thermal coal production will again fail to meet rising global demand this year. … [Read more...]

Are We Running Out of Silver?

(Excerpt from the Casey Research 2011 Silver Investing Guide) Silver has been on fire over the last three years — substantially outperforming its spotlight-grabbing cousin, gold. Because we believe this bull run is far from over, we advise … [Read more...]

Bank Runs Can’t Happen- Right?

By Tim McMahon, editor Banks are considered safe.  This isn't the Great Depression... We have FDIC deposit insurance now so bank runs can happen right? Even the "Urban Dictionary" equates the saying "money in the bank" with reliability. You … [Read more...]

Six Straight Weeks of Decline Take DJIA Below 12,000: What Now?

Before blaming falling stocks on the most recent weak economic reports, let's check some dates. As of June 10, the Dow has suffered the "longest losing streak since the fall of 2002. The market's last seven-week stretch of losses began in May … [Read more...]

Government Trend– Toward Fascism Part 2

Yesterday we looked at how the government's separation of Gold from money has allowed it to grow out of control contrary to the intentions of our founding fathers. Had the money remained chained to gold the government's ability to wage war, offer … [Read more...]

Government Trend- Toward Fascism Part 1

What is Fascism? We've often heard the word but what exactly is fascism? Historians, political scientists and other scholars have spent long hours trying to define the exact nature of fascism. Since each occurance of fascism is distinct, it is … [Read more...]

New Energy Trend in Japan?

Trends in Energy-- In the wake of the massive nuclear tragedy in Japan the unthinkable has happened in a nation known for their efficiency of design. This is causing the entire nation and possibly the world to re-evaluate their energy choices. Is … [Read more...]