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Stock Market Corrections: 8 Steps For Market Survival

What do you think of when you hear the phrase stock market correction? If the major media is to be believed, a stock market correction is akin to Armageddon.  The sky is falling, etc, etc. Truth be told,  stock market geniuses like Billionaire … [Read more...]

Fear Mania Comes to Gold

By Jeff Clark, Casey Research Is the mania here? When most investors hear the word “mania” they think of a runaway market induced by greed. You know, that animal-like instinct we all occasionally feel, the one promising riches from a market on … [Read more...]

Exiting the Eye of the Storm

Doug Casey, Chairman [Ed. note: This is an interview of Doug Casey by Louis James, both of Casey Research.] L: So, Doug: London has suffered more damage from recent rioting than from anything else since the Blitzkrieg; the stock market had its … [Read more...]

The Zen of Resource Speculation

By Louis James, Casey International Speculator Whenever gold and silver hit a correction, those are the times that try men’s souls. But they are also a classic case of making volatility our friend. And there should be terrific bargains ahead on … [Read more...]

Washington is destroying our economy – and your wealth

Washington puts us $4.1 billion deeper in debt every day. If our nation were a company... we’d be out of business. If it were a family... we’d be living on the streets. If it were a species... we’d be on the verge of extinction. How can you protect … [Read more...]

Too Much of a Good Thing Is Not a Good Thing

By David Galland, Managing Director Casey Research I am beginning to feel a bit like one of the French unfortunates stumbling through the fog in the Ardennes, circa 1914. Except that, instead of Germans full of deadly intent coming at me in the … [Read more...]

Recent Gold Hedging Activity – a Warning Sign?

by Andrey Dashkov, Casey Research In the first quarter of 2011 (Q111), net gold hedging was reported by GFMS and Société Générale. A gold mining company may hedge its production on expectations of falling gold prices in order to lock in high … [Read more...]

Market Parallels to 2000 and 2008

The typical financial disclaimer reads, "the past is no predictor of the future" but learning from historical markets is definately a good thing to do. For some time now Robert Prechter has been telling us to expect a double dip with 2008 being the … [Read more...]

Crashing Markets, Credit Downgrades- What Comes Next?

Tragic news about the United States economic atmosphere has been inescapable throughout the country and world for quite some time now. With constant debate over raising the debt ceiling, shocking losses in the stock market, devastating unemployment … [Read more...]

When Buying Gold Becomes a Life-or-Death Question

By Jeff Clark, Editor BIG GOLD, Casey Research I was recently asked in an interview if I thought gold was going to $5,000 an ounce. “No,” I said bluntly. “I think it’s going higher.” “You’re that optimistic?” “No,” I replied. “I’m that … [Read more...]