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Silvercorp Goes on the Offensive

By Jeff Clark, Casey Research I’m writing from China, where I’m attending Silvercorp Metals’ (SVM) mine tour with other analysts and reporters. We met with company principals the first morning, including CEO and Explorer’s League honoree Rui Feng … [Read more...]

Nuclear Energy Trends- Germany

Everything in life has a cost. We are constantly weighing the cost vs the benefit in everything we do... whether we think about it that way or not.Is it worth the risk of getting a speeding ticket to get there five minutes faster?  What are the … [Read more...]

Forecasting Gold and Silver Prices

Gold and Silver are the "talk of the town" right now after making substantial gains over the last ten years and meteoric gains over the last year. But recently they have lost a bit of their luster as they began a long overdue correction. Is this the … [Read more...]

A Bi-Weekly Mortgage can Save You Thousands

How to  Save $$$ on Your Mortgage You can save literally thousands of dollars and quite possibly "tens of thousands" of dollars by following this simply relatively painless method. By using this simple Bi-Weekly mortgage system to make your … [Read more...]

Inflation Forecast

Forecasting Inflation Our primary Inflation forecaster is our proprietary "Moore Inflation Predictor" (MIP)... as a matter of fact it is the reason we began publishing the Financial Trend Forecaster as a paper newsletter. Prior to that James Moore … [Read more...]

Doug Casey: Glowing Prospects for Uranium

On September 22, 2011, Karen Roche and JT Long of The Energy Report interviewed renowned speculator and financial author Doug Casey on his views about uranium. Read here why Doug thinks despite the recent bad press, “yellowcake” has a bright … [Read more...]

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How Long Might It Take to Get Rich from Gold Stocks?

By Jeff Clark, Casey Research Let’s just admit it: we’re invested in gold stocks not just to make money, but for the chance to change our lifestyles. And with their lackadaisical year-to-date performance, one may begin to wonder if they’re still … [Read more...]

DOW Seasonal Analysis

The attached table shows the performance of the Dow over the last 10 years by season. Note that the summer months Q3 (July- September) are the worst performing months with 6 out of 10 years being down and only 2 out of 10 being up. Q4 is … [Read more...]

Empower Yourself! How to Achieve Unlimited Success

Reviewed by Tim McMahon, editor Can you Change Your Mind and Harness the power of your brain to Develop Unshakable Confidence, Tap into your hidden talents, create "instant Rapport" with strangers, eliminate procrastination, get more done with … [Read more...]

The Coming Currency Crisis

This essay from the July 2006 International Speculator captures the essence of Bud Conrad's forward-looking, contrarian analysis… almost eerily so as we appear to be on the brink of the economic precipice described herein. By Bud Conrad, Casey … [Read more...]

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