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John Hathaway: Bullish on Gold and Gold Equities

Source: JT Long of The Gold Report (10/26/11) The end of 2011 is a golden opportunity to participate in an anticipated upside for mining equities, says Tocqueville Asset Management Senior Managing Director John Hathaway. We caught up to him at the … [Read more...]

A Golden Mistake Worth Repeating

By Jeff Clark, Casey Research The following conversation took place between a friend's son and me; he's a bright but relatively young investor. He had purchased some gold based on some things I'd told his father. Shortly afterward, the price … [Read more...]

Foreigners Losing Confidence in Holding US Treasury and Agency Debt

By Bud Conrad, Casey Research Foreign central banks buy US Treasury and Agency debt through accounts at the Federal Reserve, where it is held in custody. Without these central banks buying our debt, the US federal government would have to find a … [Read more...]

Doug Casey: “Government is a monopoly of force”

An excerpt of Doug’s musings on why “the problems we’re facing are 100% caused by the US government” – from the recent Casey/Sprott Summit When Money Dies. Listen to Doug’s complete summit speech – plus those of more than 27 renowned financial … [Read more...]

How to Invest for Safety

There are many ways to invest and you need to understand all the tools at your disposal in order to invest safely and wisely. In this article Steve McDonald explores an area of the market that has been ignored in recent years but should be better … [Read more...]

Is It Time to Load up on Gold Stocks?

By Jeff Clark, Casey Research By almost any measure, gold stocks are undervalued. Should we load up? After completing my research on this question, I’m convinced more than ever that we at Casey Research are in the right place. See if you … [Read more...]

China to Put 3 Million Americans Back to Work

Over the last several decades jobs have migrated to China as they have kept their currency undervalued and thus Chinese labor has been cheaper than it would have been (which was already significantly cheaper than labor in the U.S.) but now at … [Read more...]

Dubai Real Estate Market Trends

Dubai: The Good and the Bad of 2011 The great slump of 2008 jolted Dubai real estate, so much so that even after three full years, it has still not returned to its former glory. Despite the efforts of the government and the private sector, … [Read more...]

Surviving the Death of Money

Source: Karen Roche and JT Long of The Gold Report When the currency system as we know it dies, some people will become very wealthy. In this special report from the Casey Research/Sprott Inc. Summit "When Money Dies," The Gold Report … [Read more...]

How to Prepare for When Money Dies

An eye-opening interview with renowned speculator Doug Casey, conducted by Karen Roche and JT Long of The Gold Report. Doug explains why fiat currencies around the world are destined for collapse… and what investors can, and should, do to protect … [Read more...]