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When Will Silver Reach a New High?

By Andrey Dashkov, Casey Research In last week's Metals, Mining, and Money from Casey Research, Jeff Clark estimated that given the magnitude of the correction that started last September, it may take until May 2012 for gold to reach a new high. … [Read more...]

When Will Gold Reach a New High?

By Jeff Clark, Casey Research Some investors are frustrated and a few are worried that gold seems stuck in a rut. This stall in price has happened before, of course, but since 2001 it's always eventually powered to a new high. Unless one thinks … [Read more...]

Trying to Eliminate Subsidies is a Losing Battle

There is an old story about a rich gentleman who was walking down the street one day when he comes upon a homeless man. The rich man felt pity for the man and decided to help him. He asked the homeless man how much he collected in a good day. The … [Read more...]

New Year, New High Hopes for Stocks

You can probably relate: Every year, come January 1, I just can't help but feel that "every little thing is gonna be all right," as Bob Marley sang. This year, the mainstream financial community is sharing the same sentiment. Here's how EWI's … [Read more...]

The European Debt Crisis and Your Investments

A look back on 18 months of analysis and reports on the European Credit Crisis In 1999, 11 European countries surrendered their currencies for the euro and a shared monetary authority. Barely a decade later, the once-celebrated EU is in the midst of … [Read more...]

Doug Casey Addresses Getting Out of Dodge

(Interviewed by Louis James, Editor, International Speculator) L: Doug, a lot of readers have been asking for guidance on how to know when it's time to exit center stage and hunker down in some safe place. Few people want to hide from the world in … [Read more...]

Was 2011 a Dud or a Springboard for Gold?

By Jeff Clark, Casey Research 2011 was remarkable in many ways for the precious metals markets. Gold soared to new highs in early September, hitting at an intraday record of $1,920/ounce on the fifth. Silver screamed to within a hair of $50 on … [Read more...]

Why Has Gold Been Down?

By Jeff Clark, Casey Research After all, in spite of some short-term fixes, there remains no real resolution to the sovereign debt issues in many European countries. We're certainly not spending less money in the US, and now we're bailing out … [Read more...]