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Doug Casey: A Eurocrash Is Baked in the Cake

Euro-Crash In an interview with Louis James, world traveler and legendary speculator Doug Casey makes a compelling case for becoming a "permanent tourist" to be best able to survive the coming economic crash. Louis James: So Doug, you're off to … [Read more...]

Will Gold Stocks Rise Again?

Why Are We Certain that Gold Producers Will Soar? By Jeff Clark, Casey Research For the past eighteen months, gold stocks have been pummeled. They showed some life from mid-May to mid-June – GDX, the gold miner's index, was up 21%, while … [Read more...]

Trends in Business Accounting

Business Accounting Trends When the average person thinks about accounting, more often than not they visualize the CPA that helps them file a tax return. However, more and more companies are hiring accountants to work on staff as full time employees … [Read more...]

What Is Factoring Accounts Receivable?

Factoring Accounts Receivable Factoring is a means for a company to raise money without involving a bank in the process and it does not involve getting more debt. It is actually selling an asset owned by the company, i.e. their accounts receivable. … [Read more...]

Forex Currency Markets- Key Factors

Forex Currency Markets You may think trading in the in Forex Currency Markets is an entirely different ball game than trading in the stock market. But, they both rely on many of the same rules. The same two principles still apply. Whether you’re … [Read more...]

European Debt Crisis: “Imagine the Worst and Double It”

Just how will the sovereign debt crisis end? By Elliott Wave International We've all heard the line: Let me give it to you straight. And in speaking to his counterparts in Spain, an Irish economist did just that. Ireland has this banking … [Read more...]

Determining Currency Trends in the Forex Market

  Editor's Note: It is always a good idea to look at charts one or more levels bigger than the time frame that you are trading. If you are trading short term (scalping)  minute by minute look at the hourly and daily charts. If you are day … [Read more...]

Unmanned Drones- 30,000 Reasons to Get Out

Unmanned Drones Dale Sinner, International Man "We could be pets, we could be food, but all we really are is livestock." – bearded man in John Carpenter's 1988 SF film"They Live" There is an oddly prophetic little scene in the science fiction … [Read more...]

How Have Online Colleges Affected Tuition Costs for Traditional Schools?

Online Colleges Fight Tuition Bubble If you've attended a four-year university within the past decade, you have firsthand experience with the coming college tuition bubble. Although the trend has received surprisingly little press, it's no longer … [Read more...]

Leveraged Investing Can Be Wonderful or Terrible

According to Investopedia: Leverage is the use of various financial instruments or borrowed capital, such as margin, to  increase the potential return of an investment. Leveraged Investing Exploded The World of Finance has gotten … [Read more...]