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Oil Prices- Where Now?

Conflicting Forces at Play with Oil Prices An Interview with Mike Shedlock  As markets continue to yo-yo and commentators deliver mixed forecasts, investors are faced with some tough decisions and have a number of important questions that need … [Read more...]

The Drop Like a Rock Scenario for U.S. Markets

By Elliott Wave International Financial markets always have always posed two basic questions that investors seek to answer: What's the direction of the main trend? How far will it go? Systematic approaches to these questions commonly belong … [Read more...]

A Brief Introduction to High Yield Bonds

Often governments and corporations need to raise capital for a multitude of reasons. To do this they have several channels available. They can borrow from banks, issue stock or borrow from investors or they can issue debt securities in the form of … [Read more...]

Government Roadblocks to Prosperity

Editor's Note: Anyone who has ever taken Economics 101 knows that the free market is more efficient than top down governmental planning at efficiently distributing goods and services at the lowest possible price. But often governmental bureaucrats … [Read more...]

Fukushima – Local Children Unwitting (and Involuntary) Radioactive Guinea Pigs

The children of Fukushima. The Fukushima Prefecture Health Management Survey revealed that 13,460 children, or 35.3 percent, had thyroid cysts or nodules up to 0.197 inches long growing on their thyroids and 0.5 percent of the children had growths … [Read more...]

Interview with David Stockman

Editor's Note: In today's interview Alex Daly talks with former Reagan budget director David Stockman about Austerity, the FED, housing, debt, the economy, the stock market, bonds, and much more.  Here are a few of David's excellent quotes from … [Read more...]

Things Are About to Get Much Worse for Energy Firms in Argentina

Things Are About to Get Much Worse for Energy Firms in Argentina - Interview with Sam Logan Angering Spain by seizing and nationalizing a majority of Repsol's shares in YPF and ramping up the rhetoric over the Falkland Islands as exploration deals … [Read more...]

Does Central-Bank Gold-Buying Signal the Top Is Near?

Central-Bank Gold-Buying By Jeff Clark, Casey Research  Doug Casey told me in January, "The only thing that scares me is that central banks are buying a lot of gold; they're historically contrary indicators." When it comes to buying gold, central … [Read more...]

Investing with DRIPs

DRIPs Many companies which pay dividends on their stock also offer dividend reinvestment plans, or DRIPs. Receiving a quarterly dividend check is nice, of course, but you're probably not going to be receiving much at once, and many of us would be … [Read more...]

Where to invest in 2012

2012 has been a tough year for people around the world. With the European debt crisis and high unemployment rates in the U.S., it is hard to decide where to invest to keep your money safe and to earn some interest without getting yourself into … [Read more...]