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Should Your Lease or Buy Your Home?

Lease versus Buy- When considering where to live, you have two basic choices: you can lease (rent) or you can buy. This is a big decision as the purchase of a home is the largest purchase most of us make in our lives. There are advantages and … [Read more...]

Australian Tax System- “45% Pay No Taxes”

Australia’s Mature Tax System Revealed by Recent Research The recent announcement in the Weekend Financial Times, about the high numbers of Americans who do not pay tax, has caused some debate in international revenue circles and the situation has … [Read more...]

Is Your Vote for Sale?

In the following article Tony Sagami of Uncommon Wisdom, shows how election results can be accurately predicted based on economic factors. In our Misery Index we show how two simple factors like inflation and unemployment were the basis of the … [Read more...]

Is Santa Coming Early for Gold & Gold Mining Stocks?

Gold Pullback May Be Over By: Chris Vermeulen  If you own physical gold, gold mining stocks or plan on buying anything related to precious metals before year end, you are likely going to get excited because of what my analysis and outlook … [Read more...]

Government to Strangle Pet Owners Rights

Government Targets Breeders It occurs to every kid of a certain age. Let’s say the kid has a hamster, and then two, and they make babies. New value, new commodities. This is fantastic! Maybe the kid can breed hamsters, sell them, and make a few … [Read more...]

What are Exchange Traded Funds?

Introduction to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Exchange traded funds are investment funds that are similar to mutual funds in that they can hold a range of assets and commodities. Although most exchange traded funds hold portfolios representative of … [Read more...]

The Future of Financing for Solar Energy Companies

Solar Energy Company Financing Solar energy projects in the U.S. have been largely financed by tax equity investors for the past decade. Because most of these projects come from companies much too small to pay income tax, they have relied on very … [Read more...]

What Will the Price of Gold Be in January 2014?

By Jeff Clark, Casey Research While many of us at Casey Research don't like making price predictions, and certainly ones accompanied by a specific date, it's hard to ignore the correlation between the US monetary base and the gold price. That … [Read more...]

Understanding the Different Types of Bonds

Investors who have aversion to the inherent risk involved in investing in securities find a better option in bonds. Bonds offer capital preservation as well as fixed returns at its maturity. That’s why bonds are good investment vehicles in terms of … [Read more...]

U.S. Findings of the Ernst & Young Global Consumer Insurance Survey

In the interest of understanding insurance consumers, what drives them to purchase, how their understanding of insurance changes, and what their behavior patterns indicate, Ernst & Young conducted a 2012 survey of 24,000 consumers, 2,000 of which … [Read more...]