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We’ve Got a New Look

Financial Trend Forecaster has undergone a facelift. Yes, we've updated the the site to make it more user friendly. It is now easier to navigate on that new tablet or iPhone you got for Christmas. The pages scale and adjust themselves to narrower … [Read more...]

Is Money the Root of All Evil?

Editor's note: Greed has caused tremendous harm around the world, as people fight and die over scarce resources and many mistakenly believe that the Bible says that "money is the root of all evil" but actually that is a misquote. 1 Timothy 6:10 says … [Read more...]

Banks to Start Holding Gold as Reserves?

While the price of gold has languished in a trading range much of the year, leaving some investors scratching their heads, many have been buying – and in some cases, really loading up. It's a tad puzzling that gold hasn't broken into new highs, … [Read more...]

Get A Lower Interest Rate on Your Mortgage

These days very  few people can afford to buy a house for cash. So, if you’re looking to purchase a new home, you’re probably planning on getting a mortgage. Obviously, that requires you to pay additional interest to the bank, adding thousands of … [Read more...]

What Happened with the U.S. Ratings Downgrade Problem?

Was the U.S. Ratings Downgrade from AAA to AA in 2011 a Problem? Before Standard & Poor's cut the United States' credit rating last summer, few economists or politicians believed that the United States could ever lose its gold-standard AAA … [Read more...]

The US Continues Along an Alarming Sociopolitical Continuum

by David Galland, Casey Research Late at night on November 6, along with John Mauldin, Doug Casey and a group of partygoers in a café here in Cafayate, we watched on a small television as Obama's contract was renewed by a majority of the mob. As … [Read more...]

Celsion: Breaking Down a Biotech Winner

by Alex Daley, Casey ResearchTraditional cancer treatment options are little more than a crude mix of "slash, burn, and poison"—that is surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. There are radical new treatments in labs and trials all over the world that … [Read more...]

How Teachers Adapt to Different Learning Styles

Different Learning Styles You've probably heard that  everybody learns differently. These different learning styles might be broken down to  visual, auditory and kinesthetic, or seeing, hearing and touching. Either way, educational experts will tell … [Read more...]

Crowdsourcing– Is There Wisdom in the Crowd?

In the last few years a new phenomenon has begun to emerge that has been able to tap into the wisdom and resources of crowds... For more than a decade scientists tried to unravel the mystery of an aids like virus using high powered computers. But the … [Read more...]