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Why the Sell-Off in Gold is Good News

Yesterday, Gold fell by $49 an ounce. From the Financial Times: Gold has tumbled to its lowest level in nearly three years, putting it on track for its biggest quarterly fall since the collapse in 1971 of the Bretton Woods system of exchange rates, … [Read more...]

Outside the Box: A Stock Market Message from Darth Vader

As long-time readers know, I have a very eclectic group of friends and associates. Colorful, opinionated, generally both fun and funny, they make for interesting times and discussions wherever I go.  Next week I will be in the midst of some unabashed … [Read more...]

Extreme Energy, Extreme Implications

James Stafford of discusses the following topics with Michael Klare: Why we are talking about a resurgence" of American power Why the issue of US natural gas exports is a geopolitical dilemma Why Myanmar is important but … [Read more...]

Chile is on the Cusp

Like many places around the world, Chile has seen its fair share of ups and downs over the last few decades. Just over a generation ago, you would have been absolutely mad to come to Chile. Back then, the country was experiencing wild inflation and … [Read more...]

India’s Energy Ties with Iran Unsettle Washington

By. John C.K. Daly of India's relentless search for hydrocarbons to fuel its booming economy has managed the rather neat diplomatic trick of annoying Washington, delighting Tehran and intriguing Baghdad, all the while leaving the … [Read more...]

Trends: Estate Planning Changing

Estate planning is always evolving before our eyes. Tax laws change from year to year and laws passed in 2012 have carried an abundance of consequences. Obviously the more money you have the more significance estate planning tends to carry.  How … [Read more...]

The Japanese Monetary Crisis

In today's article John Mauldin describes Japan's economy as "a bug in search of a windshield" and when you look at their monetary situation you wonder how they could possibly have gone this long with the inevitable smash-up. John believes that 2013 … [Read more...]

Bank Safety: How to Protect Your Cash in Times of Crisis

Do you really want the bulk of your life savings sitting with one company? What if they go belly-up? Can you afford to have a major portion of your nest egg tied up for months while the FDIC and/or the SIPC tries to sort things out?  FDIC and SIPC … [Read more...]

Economic & Fed Confusion Reign In Markets

In today's article Chris Ciovacco looks at the current battle between Bulls and Bears in the market and what we should watch closely and what we should do about it. Is this just a correction or has the market made a new high?  ~Tim McMahon, … [Read more...]

Things That Make You Go Hmmm: What On Htrae Is Going On?

In today's article Grant Williams takes a look at mythical Bizarro world (Htrae) where everything is backwards and compares it to the supposedly logical and normal functioning earth. Unfortunately, some things that belong in Bizarro  world have … [Read more...]