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The MI-5 Guide to Foreign Exchange Risk

Help Wanted MI5- Work Location- Classified, Job Description- Classified, Skills Needed- Classified, Tools Needed- Classified ... Apply Now A government department is advertising for a Head of Health and Safety according to Moneycorp that … [Read more...]

Demographic Trend Time Bombs

Experts have long been saying that demographic trends can have a huge effect on a country. Just look at the effects the baby boom generation has had on the United States. First it resulted in a rash of schools being built and a boom in companies like … [Read more...]

Savings Tips for Brits

The Bank of England's recent announcement on interest rates represented a double-edged sword for savers. Under the new leadership of Mark Carney, the bank unveiled a radical new policy of 'forward guidance' that promises to keep rates on hold until … [Read more...]

Signs of the Top

It  may seem like we are constantly beating the drum of a top in the market with recent articles like  the NASDAQ ROC stock commentary , Obama’s Comments Worry Stock Bulls and today's Signs of the Top, but each of these articles was developed … [Read more...]

No More “Blood in the Streets”

Many years ago James Dale Davidson gave me copy #12 of a limited edition of his now classic book Blood in the Streets. The principles contained in it still cause me to think about how projecting power throughout the world can have massive effects on … [Read more...]

Obama’s Comments Worry Stock Bulls

In my recent NASDAQ ROC stock commentary I said, Caution: Watch for the next sell signal. From the sell signal in July of 1996 to the final Sell signal in April of 2000 was roughly 3 ½ years. The time from the sell signal in April 2004 until the … [Read more...]

Gap Developing: Demographic Trends and GDP

In today's article we look at, what effect do the three "D's"  debt, deficits, and demographics have on the economy? Do different generations have different expectations based on the economic environment they grew up in? The past 60 years—which we … [Read more...]

Tapering vs. Economy And Trends

Everyone is aware that the "recovery" is lame and is primarily an illusion due to the printing of funny money by the FED. What effect will it have if the FED shut off the spigot over night? Well just the thought of that idea recently sent shivers … [Read more...]

Poor Economy = Low Gold Price?

Often we have preconceived notions about what affects the price of gold. Commonly it is believed that inflation is the primary factor in the price of gold but in an article entitled Is Gold really a good Inflation Hedge? I showed the history of Gold … [Read more...]

Employment Trends in Civil Engineering

Civil engineers play a vital role in planning, designing and supervising construction and maintenance of many types of projects. These include not only buildings but infrastructure and facilities that include roads, bridges, harbors, dams, pipelines … [Read more...]