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Russia Looks to China as Relations with Europe Deteriorate

The standoff between the U.S. and the EU on one hand, and Russia on the other, intensified pretty quickly late last week. The U.S. quickly slapped heavier sanctions on Russia after its annexation of Crimea, leading to a mutual escalation of … [Read more...]

What the Loss of Crimea Means for Ukrainian Energy

Birth of a New Ukrainian Nation? Interview with Robert Bensh Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula is now Russia's. It was done with an impressively organized non-violent military operation, and supported by the foregone conclusion of a referendum on … [Read more...]

Russia Eyes Crimea’s Oil and Gas Reserves

The results of Crimea's referendum appears to be solidly in favor of the Crimea joining Russia. This was to be expected since the majority of the residents of Crimea are of Russian rather than Ukrainian descent and most speak Russian. The only … [Read more...]

How Events in the Ukraine will Affect the World

Ukraine: Three Views By John Mauldin All eyes are on Ukraine as the drama continues to unfold. Today, for an early Outside the Box, I’m going to offer three sources on Ukraine. The first is a note that I got from the head of emerging-market trading … [Read more...]