UK Corporate Insolvency on the Decline

Since January of this year, it has been evident that the rate of corporate insolvencies in the UK is on the decline. Although it would be nice to think that the economy is improving, there are strong indications that the markets have yet to … [Read more...]

Bankruptcy Document Preparation by Non-Lawyers

Bankruptcy Document Preparers Raise Concerns Concurrent with the increase in U.S. Bankruptcy Court filings, the federal bankruptcy courts are expressing greater concern with abuses and errors committed by non-lawyers who engage in the business of … [Read more...]

A Rising Market Won’t Stop the “Economic Rot” Beneath

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A Rising Market Won’t Stop the “Economic Rot” Beneath

Are you prepared for when the "disconnect" between the market and economy reconnects? Suppose you see a lovely house -- one with great curb appeal. It has new paint and manicured shrubbery out front. But also suppose that you look more closely. … [Read more...]

Should GM go Bankrupt? Part 2

Editor's Note: Generally,  I am in favor of letting the "chips fall where they may" and would not be in favor of a bailout for General Motors (GM).  But we must be realistic and be aware that there are consequences for everything. Letting General … [Read more...]

Let GM go Bankrupt? Part 1

a GM bankruptcy is huge. Job losses would go through the roof and could trigger a Global Depression By Charles Delvalle I’m putting myself out on the line, and I feel the risk/reward is more than worth it. If I’m right, you could make 300 percent … [Read more...]