America & Money: Cool Facts About the History of Our Monetary System

Since 1776, many things have changed dramatically in America. One of the most drastic series of changes has been in the way we conduct transactions using money. Believe it or not, the monetary system that is in place today would be almost completely … [Read more...]

Where to Sell Silver Coins

Selling Silver Coins Silver has been an accepted way to store value for thousands of years and silver coins have survived economic chaos, wars and financial disaster. Lately, the silver market has continued to build steam, partly because of the … [Read more...]

World’s Biggest Gold Coin Sold

(Reuters Life!) - A Spanish precious metals trading company bought the world's largest gold coin for 3.27 million euros ($4.02 million), its exact material worth, from the estate of an insolvent investment firm at a rare auction in Vienna on … [Read more...]