What We Can Learn from the Crisis In Cyprus

Often we take the ability to access our funds in the bank for granted. But it wasn't always this way. Throughout history there have been runs on the bank. People fear that they won't be able to get their money out and all rush to the bank at once to … [Read more...]

Government Eliminating Freedom Left and Right

This week two major court cases chipped away at our 4th amendment rights one by the Indiana courts and another by the U.S. Supreme court. Pretty soon they might as well just cross out the 4th amendment because it will be totally meaningless. In the … [Read more...]

Do You Need to Know Financial Trends to Plan for Retirement?

By Tim McMahon, editor When planning for retirement, most financial planners make a lot of assumptions about financial trends and how much money you will spend per year. They estimate the average inflation rate, the average return on your … [Read more...]

Go Global, Before It’s Too Late

By David Galland, Managing Director, Casey Research It has been years since I last watched The Matrix, a lapse I corrected last night. As the movie makers intended, the film serves as stark metaphor of the world as we know it. Or, more … [Read more...]

Diversification Doesn’t Work… Anymore

Investors have been told for years that diversification lowers risk. While that may be true in certain instances, it certainly isn't true in the current world equity market. Let me give you an example: Using five ETF's as a proxy for "BRICA" the … [Read more...]