DJIA Priced in Gold: What It Means for the Long-Term Trend

One of the best ways to get a true view of where the market really is involves looking at it denominated in something else other than dollars. One of the most interesting tools (and least discussed in the financial media) is the DJIA priced in gold … [Read more...]

Ominous Pattern in the DJIA

Video (Part 2): Prechter: Ominous Pattern in the DJIA (Note: This interview was originally recorded on September 20, 2010) In the video below, Robert Prechter talks to Yahoo! Finance Tech Ticker host Aaron Task and Henry Blodget about a technical … [Read more...]

DJIA’s 200-Day Moving Average: Will the Dow stay above or below this demarcation line?

By Elliott Wave International Moving averages are one of the most widely followed indicator in technical analysis. Simply put, when the price of an index or stock stays above a particular price moving average line on a chart, that price level … [Read more...]