Energy Trends- Deregulation (or Not)

Is Energy Deregulation Just a Fad? In the late 1990's, individual states began trying to introduce more competition into the energy marketplace. As we know, competition tends to drive down prices and improves choice and service. Without competition … [Read more...]

Will Drought Lead to US Blackouts?

Will the US Face Blackouts as Electricity Generation Suffers in Drought? Well, its official - the U.S. government has acknowledged that the U.S. is in the worst drought in over 50 years, since December 1956, when about 58 percent of the contiguous … [Read more...]

Iran Hopes Exporting Electricity Will Cover for Reduced Oil Demand

Exporting Electricity Against the backdrop of discussions about pending negotiations over its controversial nuclear program and the upcoming deadline of an European embargo on Iranian oil comes a quiet push by the Islamic republic to become a major … [Read more...]

Germany- a Nuclear Power Trendsetter?

By Marin Katusa, Casey Energy Opportunities In a dramatic about-face, Chancellor Angela Merkel announced last Monday that Germany will phase out nuclear power completely by 2022, shutting down its nine operational reactors and never restarting the … [Read more...]