How Diplomacy Is Affecting Foreign Investments

The business world is closely tied to the world of politics, with trade liable to be put in peril or even shut down at a moment's notice if a nation's government puts a lid on it. Diplomatic efforts can either grease the wheels of individual … [Read more...]

Is the United States Headed Down Europe’s Financial Road?

Europe's economy is contracting The recent Greek debt deal produced a big collective sigh of relief, plus some cheers for that massive liquidity injection into Europe's banking system. It was time to grab a glass and offer a toast to the coming … [Read more...]

European Union Agreement: Good or Bad for the Dow Industrials?

Did European Union leaders make the sovereign debt crisis "go away" last week? Not even close. What they did agree on is tougher budget rules: "...17 countries of the euro zone...agreed to run only minimal budget deficits in the future and … [Read more...]