What are Exchange Traded Funds?

Introduction to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Exchange traded funds are investment funds that are similar to mutual funds in that they can hold a range of assets and commodities. Although most exchange traded funds hold portfolios representative of … [Read more...]

EWI’s Newest Service Picks ETFs: Interview with the Editor

EWI's Wayne Stough adds another Flash opportunity service to the line-up: ETFs Every trader or active investor at times wishes they could pick the brain of a pro that has "pulled the trigger" on real-money trades before. EWI Director of … [Read more...]

Use The Same Trading Principles That Major Banks And Hedge Fund Managers Use Everyday To Make Millions!

By Adam Hewison Legendary hedge fund trader George Soros made $1 billion dollars in the British Pound shortly after my book on foreign exchange was published. Coincidence? Maybe, but you decide. Hello, my name is Adam Hewison and 20 years … [Read more...]