Bank Safety: How to Protect Your Cash in Times of Crisis

Do you really want the bulk of your life savings sitting with one company? What if they go belly-up? Can you afford to have a major portion of your nest egg tied up for months while the FDIC and/or the SIPC tries to sort things out?  FDIC and SIPC … [Read more...]

Bank Runs Can’t Happen- Right?

By Tim McMahon, editor Banks are considered safe.  This isn't the Great Depression... We have FDIC deposit insurance now so bank runs can happen right? Even the "Urban Dictionary" equates the saying "money in the bank" with reliability. You … [Read more...]

Is Your Bank on the “100 Safest” List?

Close to Collapse: Bailed-Out Banks Facing Bankruptcy We want to trust in the financial stability of our bank. After all, most of us have money in these institutions. In spite of our wishful thinking, the tide of bank failures has not stopped. … [Read more...]