Forecasting Gold and Silver Prices

Gold and Silver are the "talk of the town" right now after making substantial gains over the last ten years and meteoric gains over the last year. But recently they have lost a bit of their luster as they began a long overdue correction. Is this the … [Read more...]

Inflation Forecast

Forecasting Inflation Our primary Inflation forecaster is our proprietary "Moore Inflation Predictor" (MIP)... as a matter of fact it is the reason we began publishing the Financial Trend Forecaster as a paper newsletter. Prior to that James Moore … [Read more...]

Right on the Money eBook Version

Get Adam Hewison’s eBook version of "RIGHT ON THE MONEY: The definitive guide to forecasting foreign exchange rates," for FREE! Learn the same trading principles that major banks and hedge fund managers use every day to make millions. "Stocks and … [Read more...]