Real Estate Trends: Martha’s Vineyard

In recent years, real estate has suffered major price setbacks due to foreclosures, and the supply overhang of foreclosed real estate. But the old adage of Real Estate value, Location, Location, Location still applies. Today we will look at Real … [Read more...]

FED Bails Out Borrowers

With as many as 2 million sub-prime mortgages, scheduled to reset to much higher levels by the end of 2008 many market watchers began to get worried in the last few months, which drove the stock market down. A sub-prime mortgage is a loan offered … [Read more...]

Subprime’s New Song: The Worst Is Yet To Come

Sub-prime lending is a practice where banks loan money to people with poor credit.  Obviously, this entails more risk for the lenders but allows more people access to houses (which in turn boosts demand and prices).  In the long run however the … [Read more...]