How “Paper Gold” Affects the Price of the Metal

Is the Gold market rigged? In today's article, Bud Conrad Chief Economist at Casey Research, takes a look at the 1000 to 1 leverage that the Gold futures market provides and how a few banks can use that to control the Gold market and drive the price … [Read more...]

“Market Manipulation” Is Not Why Most Traders Lose

How often have you heard analysts refer to a down day on Wall Street as "traders taking profits"? Sounds great, but the sobering fact is that most traders -- in futures, commodities, or forex -- lose money. Any book on trading will list for you … [Read more...]

Do You Know Your Currency Pairs?

When I thought about some of the first things I learned before trading the Forex market, fundamental analysis came to mind. Fundamental analysis refers to factors that affect the price of a currency pair. (Fundamental analysis of a business … [Read more...]

Stress Test: How to Find the Safest Banks in the U.S. and Abroad

Stress test results for the biggest European banks were recently released, while the largest U.S. banks took their first stress tests in May 2009. But most people don't really care how much stress their banks are under; they are more worried about … [Read more...]

Why Gold hasn’t Skyrocketed… Yet

Editor's Note:  What's holding Gold back?  In this excellent video Adam shows us not only what's holding it back but also when it will break out. Just click the Gold Chart below to get started and while you are there sign up for their free … [Read more...]