Ukraine’s Two New Energy Deals

If one was to believe the picture that most Western media outlets are painting, Ukraine has been lost to Russia. Though the country fought valiantly to sign an Association Agreement with the European Union in Vilnius, Lithuania last month, President … [Read more...]

Key Oil and Gas Discoveries of 2013

Just a few years ago the chatter was that "Peak Oil" was here and all the oil that could be found had already been found. But all that has changed, now new oil and gas  discoveries are being made at a frantic pace. This is not new.  The cycle goes … [Read more...]

Extreme Energy, Extreme Implications

James Stafford of discusses the following topics with Michael Klare: Why we are talking about a resurgence" of American power Why the issue of US natural gas exports is a geopolitical dilemma Why Myanmar is important but … [Read more...]