Healthcare Face-off US vs. UK

Since the advent of Obamacare there has been a great debate about U.S. vs. U.K. healthcare. Today we will look at how they compare. A large number of people in the US and UK have some form of health insurance. In fact, according to the Centers for … [Read more...]

How New Technologies Are Affecting Healthcare

The emergence of new technology in healthcare has and will have profound effects on quality of life, as well as the ability to save more lives. From new inventions in imaging to spreading virtual care by internet and sensors, to machines that can … [Read more...]

Employment Trends in the US

The employment outlook in the U.S. is slowly improving and some areas are expected to see major gains in the coming months and years. Although there has been growth in the areas of employment and it is expected to continue, there is still a great … [Read more...]