India’s Energy Ties with Iran Unsettle Washington

By. John C.K. Daly of India's relentless search for hydrocarbons to fuel its booming economy has managed the rather neat diplomatic trick of annoying Washington, delighting Tehran and intriguing Baghdad, all the while leaving the … [Read more...]

Will India Stop Buying Gold?

By Jeff Clark, Casey Research We've read mixed reports about how lofty gold and silver prices are affecting demand in India. One month we're told demand is up, and the next it's supposedly down. I'm not suggesting that official reports are … [Read more...]

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China and India: Still Hungry for Coal

By Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Strategist, Casey Research One can only hope that the “Don’t shoot the messenger” adage is still popular in the international community. UK-based consultants M&C Energy Group have become the latest to join the … [Read more...]