eCommerce Trends: What’s in Your eWallet?

A Brief History of Money and Credit From earliest times a variety of objects have been used as mediums of exchange... everything from beads and shells to precious metals like gold and silver. In order to fund the American Revolution Congress … [Read more...]

America & Money: Cool Facts About the History of Our Monetary System

Since 1776, many things have changed dramatically in America. One of the most drastic series of changes has been in the way we conduct transactions using money. Believe it or not, the monetary system that is in place today would be almost completely … [Read more...]

Is Money the Root of All Evil?

Editor's note: Greed has caused tremendous harm around the world, as people fight and die over scarce resources and many mistakenly believe that the Bible says that "money is the root of all evil" but actually that is a misquote. 1 Timothy 6:10 says … [Read more...]

Big Changes Ahead: Gold Just Became Money Again

On June 18, the Federal Reserve and FDIC circulated a letter to banks that proposes to harmonize US regulatory capital rules with Basel III. BASEL III is an accord that tells a bank how much capital it must hold to safeguard its solvency and … [Read more...]

What is an Enlightened Millionaire?

By Robert Allen Best-selling Author of The One Minute Millionaire and Nothing Down An enlightened millionaire is a person who always strives to be the best they can be, who knows no boundaries, and knows that there can be abundance for all. They … [Read more...]