U.S. Stocks- The Long Ride Nowhere

In the following article by Elliott Wave International we will take a long term look at the U.S. Stock market. Note the chart does it look like a giant head and shoulders top to you? U.S. Stocks: Where We're Going After years of campaigning and … [Read more...]

Trade The Trend in Gold, Dollar, S&P500

Today we have an analysis by Chris Vermeulen "The Gold and Oil Guy".  Chris has some rock solid tips on trading choppy markets like we are seeing now. Picking tops can be very difficult and costly so check out Chris' advice in the final paragraph. … [Read more...]

Why Weekly Charts Work

Many traders get so involved with the market on a daily or even an intraday basis, that they somehow lose out on the bigger picture. Weekly charts are enormously helpful in giving clues to the future direction of the market. In today's video we … [Read more...]

The bear is back!!

The early market action on Monday, August 16th, triggered a key weekly "Trade Triangle" to the downside. Our weekly "Trade Triangle" turned red, indicating that all trends are negative and now pointing lower. In this new 90 second video I show you … [Read more...]

S&P Video Update- Which way from here?

If you are finding the S&P hard to follow, you are not alone. Watch as Adam shares some steps with you on how to improve your trading.~Tim McMahon,  Editor The S&P 500 is turning out to be a conundrum for many professionals and home … [Read more...]

A Battle Royal in the S&P 500

The battle between the bulls and the bears continues in the S&P 500 with neither side able to gain the upper hand. This choppy trading action will eventually lead to a large move one way or the other. The bulls are betting that we are headed … [Read more...]