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Oil Prices Ravaged By Financial Turmoil

Oil prices fell back suddenly over the last few trading sessions, dragged down by some forces beyond the oil market. The steady decline of the U.S. dollar has helped drive up crude prices for weeks, but that came to an abrupt halt last week. A rebound for the greenback led to a steep decline in oil prices on Friday. At the same time, sudden turmoil in the broader financial system also bled … [Read More...]

Could Oil Go to $100 a Barrel by 2019?

As we all know, gas and oil prices are a major component of inflation so a spike in oil prices could have a serious effect on prices overall. From 2012-2015 oil prices peaked several times around $100 per barrel but then in 2016 they fell dramatically to around $30. In 2017 they recovered slightly to hover around their long term average price of $43. Today Irina Slav of looks at the … [Read More...]

Work From Home Trends To Expect In 2018

Working from home is more popular than ever as a new report has found that the number of remote or telecommuting workers has increased by 115% in a decade. As remote working gives employees more flexibility and allows them to have work-life balance, it appears that there is no shortage in remote job listings in fields such as real estate, mortgage, and accounting as they continue to grow every … [Read More...]

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Big Picture Update on Commodities & Precious Metals

In another article by Gary Tanashian editor of Notes from the Rabbit Hole (NFTRH), we see he has compiled a series of year end charts to help us get a handle on several sectors that relate to inflation. These sectors include Gold and other Precious Metals, Commodities (CRB Index) , Oil,  Natural Gas, Industrial Metals, Agriculture, Copper, Uranium and more.  This article originally appeared here … [Read More...]

Three Trends in America’s Student Debt Today

For the last decade we have seen a rapid rise in student debt, with graduates now leaving college with an average $37,173 in student debt, 70 percent more than a decade ago. By now, you may have heard that America’s student loan debt topping $1.4 trillion as of April this year. As we try to understand how the United States’ economy got to this point and what we can do about it, there are a few … [Read More...]

Has the Gold Rally Begun? 

Today we are going to look at an article by our friend Gary Tanashian over at "Notes from the Rabbit Hole". He looks at the seasonal nature of gold, stocks vs gold, and a footnote on Silver. This article originally appeared here and has been reprinted by permission. ~Tim McMahon, editor. Amid Bad Fundamentals, Gold Sector Rally May Have Begun We have been expecting a seasonal rally in gold, … [Read More...]

Meet The World’s Most Powerful Bitcoin Backers

By James Stafford for Cryptocurrency may be one of the biggest threats to governments, security and the entire financial system that we've ever seen. It can help fund terrorism and its anonymity makes it almost impossible to track. Most importantly, it is poised to revolutionize global finance and banking. But our new Enemy No. 1 can't be fought; it can perhaps be controlled. … [Read More...]

Brexit and House Prices – What’s going on?

In a result that surprised many, the vote on June 23 2016 resulted in a decision for Britain to leave the European Union, infamously called "Brexit". The impact of the Brexit decision has been much debated, with many economists stating that the UK economy would be harmed by a decision to leave, whether that's through a loss of cheap labour that powers the fruit picking industry or the … [Read More...]

Is Peak Permian Only 3 Years Away?

The Permian Basin is a large oil and natural gas producing area that covers an area approximately 250 miles wide and 300 miles long mostly in West Texas but includes a small corner of New Mexico.  The Permian Basin is the largest petroleum-producing basin in the United States and has produced a cumulative 28.9 billion barrels of oil and 75 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Currently, nearly … [Read More...]