Surviving a Hyperinflation

Hyperinflation is not as uncommon as you think- The most notorious recent case was in Zimbabwe  and ran from 1998 - 2008. But North Korea experienced a less severe hyperinflation in 2010 -2011. Other recent examples include Belarus 1994-2002, Bosnia … [Read more...]

The Gold Investor’s Biggest Risk

By Jeff Clark, Casey Research While we're convinced that our gold and silver investments will pay off, they don't come without risk. What do you suppose is the biggest risk we face? Another 2008-style selloff? Gold stocks never breaking out of … [Read more...]

How to Prepare for When Money Dies

An eye-opening interview with renowned speculator Doug Casey, conducted by Karen Roche and JT Long of The Gold Report. Doug explains why fiat currencies around the world are destined for collapse… and what investors can, and should, do to protect … [Read more...]

Inflation Forecast

Forecasting Inflation Our primary Inflation forecaster is our proprietary "Moore Inflation Predictor" (MIP)... as a matter of fact it is the reason we began publishing the Financial Trend Forecaster as a paper newsletter. Prior to that James Moore … [Read more...]