Currency Trading – An Increasingly Popular Investment Option

There are so many different investment instruments available today that it can be difficult to determine which is right for you. If you only have a small amount of investment capital that you are using as a means to get your “feet wet” in the … [Read more...]

Forex Currency Markets- Key Factors

Forex Currency Markets You may think trading in the in Forex Currency Markets is an entirely different ball game than trading in the stock market. But, they both rely on many of the same rules. The same two principles still apply. Whether you’re … [Read more...]

Moving Averages: Determining Trend and Avoiding Whipsaws

The moving average is a simple tool designed to help you easily determine the underlying financial trend of a stock, bond, commodity, mutual fund, or any other financial instrument. According to Wikipedia a moving average is "commonly used with time … [Read more...]

Forex Market Insight: EUR/USD Rallies…Why?

Elliott wave patterns suggested a bullish reversal a day before the rally On February 16, EUR/USD, the euro-dollar exchange rate and the most actively traded forex pair, surged over 170 pips, from below $1.30 to above $1.3150. The explanations … [Read more...]

Free Week of FOREX at EWI until February 29

Our friends at Elliott Wave International have just announced the beginning of their popular FreeWeek event, where they throw open the doors for you to test-drive some of their most popular premium services -- at ZERO cost to you. You can access … [Read more...]

How to Trade the Holiday Grind

By Chris Vermeulen, The Gold and Oil Guy It’s that time again when volume dries up and prices rise into the new year. A lot of individuals are scrambling to prepare for the holidays, even though we had a year to prepare. The big money has already … [Read more...]

“Market Manipulation” Is Not Why Most Traders Lose

How often have you heard analysts refer to a down day on Wall Street as "traders taking profits"? Sounds great, but the sobering fact is that most traders -- in futures, commodities, or forex -- lose money. Any book on trading will list for you … [Read more...]

Candlestick Patterns

If you are a trader and if you don't know how to read candlestick charts, you are missing a lot of profitable trades. Candlestick charting is a must tool in the arsenal of any trader. No matter what you trade whether it is stocks, forex, futures, … [Read more...]

Use The Same Trading Principles That Major Banks And Hedge Fund Managers Use Everyday To Make Millions!

By Adam Hewison Legendary hedge fund trader George Soros made $1 billion dollars in the British Pound shortly after my book on foreign exchange was published. Coincidence? Maybe, but you decide. Hello, my name is Adam Hewison and 20 years … [Read more...]

Right on the Money eBook Version

Get Adam Hewison’s eBook version of "RIGHT ON THE MONEY: The definitive guide to forecasting foreign exchange rates," for FREE! Learn the same trading principles that major banks and hedge fund managers use every day to make millions. "Stocks and … [Read more...]