Bulls, Bears and Fed Bond Purchases

The market has been on a tear most of 2017 with the NASDAQ gaining about 25% since the November Election of Donald Trump. With that kind of good news in its pocket the FED has decided that it is time to tighten the money supply. It plans to do this … [Read more...]

Mortgage Delinquency Rates Increase

In the following article Chris Vermeulen of  The Gold and Oil Guy, looks at the current trend in Mortgage Delinquencies in an effort to determine whether the market is still bullish. He also looks at FED actions and how they affect the markets. … [Read more...]

Edgar Allen Poe vs. The FED

Quoth the Maven, “Evermore” By Grant Williams On January 29, 1845, the New York Evening Mirror published a poem that would go on to be one of the most celebrated narrative poems ever penned. It depicted a tragic romantic's desperate descent … [Read more...]

With Summers Out: Which Way for Stocks?

I've never been a fan of Larry Summers. Perhaps he was too smart for his own good. After all, he was responsible for driving Jack Meyer out of managing the Harvard endowment fund. Meyer took the Harvard Endowment from $4.8 billion to $25.9 billion in … [Read more...]

Is Obama’s Black Swan Coming Soon?

What is a "Black Swan"? According to Wikipedia... The phrase "black swan" was a common expression in 16th century London as a statement of impossibility. The London expression derives from the Old World presumption that all swans must be white … [Read more...]

Obama’s Comments Worry Stock Bulls

In my recent NASDAQ ROC stock commentary I said, Caution: Watch for the next sell signal. From the sell signal in July of 1996 to the final Sell signal in April of 2000 was roughly 3 ½ years. The time from the sell signal in April 2004 until the … [Read more...]

How the Golden Reset Button Could Drive the Price of Gold to $20,000.

Rumors have been rife about the treasury minting a single trillion dollar platinum coin to bypass the debt ceiling limitations. But it is probably just a pipe dream because first of all where would they get a trillion dollars worth of platinum? Do … [Read more...]

Was the AIG Bailout a Scam?

AIG is suing the Government. At first it seems highly ungrateful for AIG to sue its "White Knight" who swooped in to rescue it in its time of need. But when we look a bit deeper we may find that all is not as it seemed at the time. Republican Senator … [Read more...]

Is Bernanke Stuck in a Housing Time Warp?

Current FED Policy Doesn't Make Sense Could the FED really think that low interest rates are good for savers? Is housing really a vehicle for saving? Is it a good idea to use your home equity as an ATM machine? Should the government be … [Read more...]

Trends: Gold Buying to Resume & FED to Double Balance Sheet Again

Gold Buying- Thomson Reuters GFMS, a leading precious metals consultancy,  has forecast that gold buying by investors will continue at record levels for the remainder of 2012. GFMS produces the benchmark supply and demand statistics for the gold … [Read more...]