R.N. Elliott Discovered the Wave Principle Over 70 Years Ago

This is your opportunity to learn the method that has stood the test of time In the 1930s, Ralph N. Elliott discovered that stock market prices tend to move in recurring patterns. He defined these patterns (or "waves") and explained how they combine … [Read more...]

What Are the BEST Technical Indicators for Successful Trading?

8 technical analysis tools that give any trader an edge You may have seen a TV ad where "traders" describe their strategies, and one says, "I trade on fundamentals." That sounds very reassuring -- except that, on any given day, "fundamentals" are a … [Read more...]

“Your Work Helps Me in a Very Practical Way”

Prechter talks with Mind of Money Host Doug Lodmell Robert Prechter offers a broad overview of the Wave Principle in this interview clip with The Mind of Money host, Douglass Lodmell.  … [Read more...]

Keep Ahead of the Herd in 2011

Learn to Survive and Thrive with Knowledge of Socionomics and the Elliott Wave Principle Have you ever noticed that much of the time, the forecasts for what’s going to happen next are quite often just more of what happened last? There’s no real … [Read more...]

Just Your Average 300-Year Bear Market?

Long-Term Trend Forecasting is Actually Easier than Short-Term By Robert Jay Most people who analyze the present give too little thought to the past, even when previous decades or centuries offer acutely relevant information.   This is … [Read more...]

Your Chance to Learn How to Forecast Markets Using Technical Analysis

EWI's Senior Tutorial Instructor Jeffrey Kennedy gives you practical lessons -- free September 17, 2010 By Elliott Wave International There are two camps of market analysts out there: the fundamental camp and the technical one. Fundamental … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Now is Not the Time to Speculate in Stocks

After the investment winter of 2008, in 2009 as stocks began showing some "green shoots" and looked a bit like spring, 2010 has looked a bit like Summer or Autumn with prices flattening out and going nowhere.  Does that mean that investment Winter is … [Read more...]

The Elliott Wave Principle Book

Key to Market Behavior By A.J. Frost and Robert R. Prechter, Jr.   A Great Classic for Three Decades Take a moment to look over your books about investing. Have any of them given you a successful method for making profits and reducing … [Read more...]

Elliott Wave Forex Trading Video: It’s Not The News That Matters

By Jim Martens How to apply the Elliott Wave to Forex Trading The standard explanation mainstream financial analysts and some forex trading "experts" use when talking about a market move is, "The market did that because of such-and-such news … [Read more...]

Learn Basics of Elliott Wave Analysis — FREE

By Elliott Wave International Ralph Nelson Elliott discovered the Wave Principle in the 1930s. Over the decades, his discovery was kept alive by a handful of individuals. A few of those, such as Bolton, Prechter and Frost, educated investors on how … [Read more...]