What Can We Learn About the Stock Market From the NY Subway?

New York city is one of the most populous cities in the world and of course the home of the massive New York Stock exchange. But every workday all those people must get to work which means that just one of the many bridges i.e. the George Washington … [Read more...]

Trends: Credit in the E.U. and the U.S.

Credit in the EU is contracting, with credit growth peaking at 11.5% in 2008, halving by 2010, falling to zero in 2011, rising back to 4% in 2012 and then falling below zero in 2013. This is the rate of growth so we can see that at zero new loans … [Read more...]

Can You Trust Internet “Intelligence”?

Many years ago a friend of mine named George retired from "government intelligence". I know the terms government and intelligence when said in the same sentence seems to be a bit of an oxymoron. But George was a very intelligent guy. George never … [Read more...]

Intentional Living Communities Seeking Freedom

Over the years since 9/11 the U.S. has become increasingly repressive as laws are instituted that restrict our freedom in exchange for "safety"... we now have the beginnings of a national police force called the "TSA". Ben Franklin once … [Read more...]

Insights into Cultural Shifts from a Visit to a Hardware Store

by Pete Kofod "So this is what it looks like when a society is starting to collapse," the man standing behind the counter at the hardware store said matter-of-factly. The remark had been directed at no one in particular, but generally at anyone … [Read more...]

The US Continues Along an Alarming Sociopolitical Continuum

by David Galland, Casey Research Late at night on November 6, along with John Mauldin, Doug Casey and a group of partygoers in a café here in Cafayate, we watched on a small television as Obama's contract was renewed by a majority of the mob. As … [Read more...]

Is the U.S. Becoming a Police State?

In the following article Doug Casey addresses the issue of  the trend toward less and less freedom in America as the TSA and the Federal Government usurps power reserved for the individual states. He also address "thought crimes,"  the Civil … [Read more...]

Is Your Vote for Sale?

In the following article Tony Sagami of Uncommon Wisdom, shows how election results can be accurately predicted based on economic factors. In our Misery Index we show how two simple factors like inflation and unemployment were the basis of the … [Read more...]

Sociopathy Is Running the US – Part Two

By Doug Casey, Casey Research I recently wrote an article that addresses the subject of sociopaths and how they insinuate themselves into society. Although the subject doesn't speak directly to what stock you should buy or sell to increase your … [Read more...]

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