Real Estate Trends: House Flipping

From a builder's point of view, the housing market has always been cyclical from boom to bust and back to boom again. During boom times building, renovation and house flipping are all big business but during times of economic recession the demand for … [Read more...]

Another Housing Bust On The Way?

Evidence of Another Even More Sweeping Housing Bust is Already Starting to Appear By Elliott Wave International Editor's note: With permission, the following article was adapted from the October 2014 issue of The Elliott Wave Financial Forecast, a … [Read more...]

Home Buying in the U.K.

In today’s global economic climate, it can be difficult for people to buy a house, while struggling with annual bills. But the U.K. government has a number of schemes available to first time buyers and existing homeowners such as Help To Buy, NewBuy … [Read more...]

Will Africa Finally Shed its “Dark Continent” Image?

For centuries now, Africa has been a wild and unknown place full of impenetrable jungles and steeped in mystery earning it the name the "Dark Continent". Several countries in Africa including Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Congo, and Rwanda  are embarking on … [Read more...]

Is This the Time to Buy Real Estate in Portugal?

The time to buy is when everyone else is selling. That holds true not only for stocks but also for commodities like Gold and Real Estate. Another truism is to buy when you least feel like buying. Right now an extremely out of favor asset is real … [Read more...]

Update on the Real Estate Market

The key to profitable investing is to "Buy when everyone is selling and sell when everyone is buying".  If that is true real estate may be just turning the corner. Currently, the real estate market is experiencing a rebound in many states around the … [Read more...]

Capital Gains Potential in Future-Minded Real Estate Investments

Have you ever walked down the street and noticed the one as-of-yet undeveloped property on an otherwise immaculate street and thought “someone is sitting on a goldmine?”  Have you ever heard of someone who sold a house for a fortune that was … [Read more...]

Historically Devastating Hurricanes Would Cause Billions in Financial Losses Today

Many hurricanes today are best known for the loss of life they cause, but their impact is often much more all-encompassing due to the financial devastation that results from loss of property and income.   Historically great hurricanes such as the … [Read more...]

Prices of Real Estate in Chandigarh India are Surging!

Editor's Note: Today we are presenting a unique article on Real Estate in India. In the past we have covered Housing and Real Estate  in general, Mortgages, Home Owners Insurance,  refinancing, foreclosure, Overseas Investing and Dubai Real Estate … [Read more...]

Sell My House Quickly

What if I Need to Sell My House Quickly? There are times when it is a "seller's market" and homes sell quickly. This is not one of them. With all the foreclosures on the market, buyers have an abundance of houses to choose from.  Some markets have … [Read more...]