Guide to Real Estate Investing

During the first few years of the new Millennium, Real Estate Investing was all the rage. People believed that housing prices only went up and never down. Real Estate was seen as the easy road to riches, courses and seminars on real estate investing … [Read more...]

Should Your Lease or Buy Your Home?

Lease versus Buy- When considering where to live, you have two basic choices: you can lease (rent) or you can buy. This is a big decision as the purchase of a home is the largest purchase most of us make in our lives. There are advantages and … [Read more...]

Housing Trends- Where are the Home Buyers?

Home Buyers- With the housing industry still shaken and weak from the sub-prime mortgage collapse of 2008, it's no surprise that buyers are erring on the side of caution. A young family that might have purchased a home in 2005 may now choose to … [Read more...]

Dubai Real Estate Market Trends

Dubai: The Good and the Bad of 2011 The great slump of 2008 jolted Dubai real estate, so much so that even after three full years, it has still not returned to its former glory. Despite the efforts of the government and the private sector, … [Read more...]