Is Fast Food Slowing Down? Five Growing Trends in Restaurants Today

Food trends in the United States seem to come and go quickly. Today’s kale obsession will be gone as quickly as yesterday’s all-protein diet. However, through it all, the American people have remained loyal to their numerous fast food chains. But … [Read more...]

Zombies at the Gate

On August 24th in the year 410 AD the "Barbarians" appeared at the gates of Rome and successfully sacked the city. They spent three days pillaging and causing all sorts of mayhem. Thus began the saying that has come to mean a destruction from without … [Read more...]

Will Online Banking Render Tellers Obsolete?

Throughout the history of banks, tellers represented the connection between individuals and their money in a financial institution. They handled deposits, transfers, withdrawals, loans, credit increases and account openings and closures. The … [Read more...]

Spotting New Trends: Knowing When to Go Against the Grain

Spotting New Trends- It is said that hindsight is 20/20. It's easy to think, "If I had just bought apartments in Paris in the 80s, or tech stocks before the bubble, or gold in 2000 or 2001, I'd be sitting on a fortune right now." The thing is, … [Read more...]

Determining Currency Trends in the Forex Market

  Editor's Note: It is always a good idea to look at charts one or more levels bigger than the time frame that you are trading. If you are trading short term (scalping)  minute by minute look at the hourly and daily charts. If you are day … [Read more...]

Using the MIP to Decide- When to Refinance

The MIP (Moore Inflation Predictor) is our proprietary index that projects future inflation rates one year into the future. It uses a "fan" style with varying level of likelihood that certain rates will be attained. If you are considering … [Read more...]

Market Parallels to 2000 and 2008

The typical financial disclaimer reads, "the past is no predictor of the future" but learning from historical markets is definately a good thing to do. For some time now Robert Prechter has been telling us to expect a double dip with 2008 being the … [Read more...]

Solar Energy in Uzbekistan

In a wierd twist of fate, Uzbekistan is sitting on a "Gold Mine" of scientific information about solar energy which because of cheap Siberian Oil has been totally worthless... Up until now.  With the world's interest turning to Solar once again this … [Read more...]

Economy Trends Toward Greater Depression

It's important to continue to check our economic compass and keep a constant eye on the direction our economy and the world in general are headed. This will help to determine any adjustments necessary in our portfolios and/or our entire financial … [Read more...]

Stock Trends by Month

By Tim McMahon, editor I read quite a few books on investing strategy every year but one that sticks in my mind is by legendary investor and trader Larry Williams called The Right Stock at the Right Time. In it he outlines the monthly and yearly … [Read more...]