Work From Home Trends To Expect In 2018

Working from home is more popular than ever as a new report has found that the number of remote or telecommuting workers has increased by 115% in a decade. As remote working gives employees more flexibility and allows them to have work-life balance, … [Read more...]

All Work and No Play for UK’s Future Pensioners

One in five British people fear they will never be able to retire. Britons feel more disheartened at the prospect of their retirement (or lack of) than citizens from any other country in the world. A global survey by HSBC revealed that 19% of … [Read more...]

Trends: Population, Health and Technology

Imagine getting out of your 20 hp. car and cranking it to start it, getting whacked by the handle and breaking your wrist, while your neighbor trots by shouting "get a horse" and your other neighbor happily puffs by in his Stanley Steamer. This was … [Read more...]

Employment Trends in Civil Engineering

Civil engineers play a vital role in planning, designing and supervising construction and maintenance of many types of projects. These include not only buildings but infrastructure and facilities that include roads, bridges, harbors, dams, pipelines … [Read more...]

Employment Trends in the US

The employment outlook in the U.S. is slowly improving and some areas are expected to see major gains in the coming months and years. Although there has been growth in the areas of employment and it is expected to continue, there is still a great … [Read more...]

Understanding Student Loan Consolidation Rates

These days many recent graduates of colleges and universities have to deal with massive student loans. Often, seeing that lump of debt can be  overwhelming, and the process can be even more difficult when you are dealing with several different … [Read more...]

London Olympics Fueled Aussie Supporter Spending

Spending Trends- The Olympic Games were an impressive spectacle in London over the last few weeks and analysts predict that it will create world-wide spending ripples.  For instance, the jolliness is expected to contribute $2.6-billion into the … [Read more...]

Trends in Business Accounting

Business Accounting Trends When the average person thinks about accounting, more often than not they visualize the CPA that helps them file a tax return. However, more and more companies are hiring accountants to work on staff as full time employees … [Read more...]