Just When You Thought Bonds Were Safe

In today's article Jared Dillian compares the 2/10 yield curve to a "Double Black Diamond" ski slope. In other words, it's wickedly steep! The yield curve he is talking about here is the 10 year treasury yield minus the 2 year treasury yield. This … [Read more...]

Catastrophe Bonds

Anytime a hurricane or other natural disaster is predicted to strike, it causes widespread uncertainty in the stock market. Although the people who are in the path of an upcoming storm place their focus on staying safe and protecting their homes and … [Read more...]

A Brief Introduction to High Yield Bonds

Often governments and corporations need to raise capital for a multitude of reasons. To do this they have several channels available. They can borrow from banks, issue stock or borrow from investors or they can issue debt securities in the form of … [Read more...]

Interview with David Stockman

Editor's Note: In today's interview Alex Daly talks with former Reagan budget director David Stockman about Austerity, the FED, housing, debt, the economy, the stock market, bonds, and much more.  Here are a few of David's excellent quotes from … [Read more...]

Where to invest in 2012

2012 has been a tough year for people around the world. With the European debt crisis and high unemployment rates in the U.S., it is hard to decide where to invest to keep your money safe and to earn some interest without getting yourself into … [Read more...]

A Student’s Guide To Investing in Bonds

Students with a small amount of savings on the side might want to consider putting their nest egg in secure investments so that it grows over time. A savings account from a bank will hardly accrue any interest, and a CD will often yield little more. … [Read more...]

What are Company Bonds?

Company Bonds Company bonds have been a hot topic in many financial publications including the Wall Street Journal lately, though you might not be familiar with the term. Allow me to offer a brief primer on the topic. Company bonds (aka corporate … [Read more...]

How to Invest for Safety

There are many ways to invest and you need to understand all the tools at your disposal in order to invest safely and wisely. In this article Steve McDonald explores an area of the market that has been ignored in recent years but should be better … [Read more...]

Major Disaster Developing For Bond Holders

Long-term U.S. Treasury bonds have fallen 7% in value since November 1 and municipal bonds have fallen 6%. "Safe" investments like Treasury's and Munis are not supposed to crash they are the mainstay of widows and orphans. So What's happening? For … [Read more...]

Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere- Video

Video (Part 1): Prechter On Market Rally (Note: This interview was originally recorded on September 20, 2010) In the video below, Robert Prechter talks to Yahoo! Finance Tech Ticker host Aaron Task and Henry Blodget about extreme readings in … [Read more...]