Moving into Bonds: From Frying Pan to Fire

By David Galland and Kevin Brekke, Casey Research The other day, I came across an article that said, while individuals may be moving their money out of equities, they have been moving into bond funds – and in a big way. It’s called jumping from … [Read more...]

The Bounce is Aging, but the Depression is Young

By Bob Prechter The following is an excerpt from Robert Prechter's Elliott Wave Theorist. On February 23, EWT called for the S&P to bottom in the 600s and then begin a sharp rally, the biggest since the 2007 high. The S&P bottomed at … [Read more...]

Why are my “I-Bonds” paying so little?

  Recently I received this question about I-bonds. I-bonds are inflation adjusted Treasury bonds. The amount they pay is adjusted twice a year to compensate for the effects of inflation. I am a holder of Treasury I bonds (adjusts to the CPI … [Read more...]